What to eat in Treviso and in the Marca?
The inevitable, those foods that can not miss in the cuisine of Treviso and tourists who come to the city.
the “mozzarella in carrozza” with the anchovy or simply “mozza“, as the fans call it for brevity. You can taste it from Gigia in via Barberia, rigorously combined with a glass of “spuma“.
Try all the cicchetti of Muscoli’s, the traditional tavern that overlooks the Pescheria in Treviso, in particular the prosecco sandwich, the croutons and anchovy croutons, and the Sur Lie, or prosecco with the bottom.
Panino with pork at Antico Pallone. Another inevitable stop is at the Antico Pallone, in Vicolo Rialto, a stone’s throw from Piazza Borsa, mecca of the classic pork sandwich to combine with the excellent spritz, which is a Treviso creation as well as Venetian and Paduan.
Radicchio from Treviso
also the radicchio is specialty trevigiana doc, the long-leaved one. Excellent risotto, (special radicchio and sausage) in particular by Tony da Spin, Beccherie, Osteria with red radicchio, the Incontro, the Antico Portico, La Grotta.
Fish fry: at the Tavernetta Butterfly just inside the walls of Treviso, a stone’s throw from Piazza Burchiellati, you can enjoy an excellent fish fry, light and dry.
The “oca rosta” at the White Goose is a traditional Treviso dish. Here it is excellent, to try all the menu based on goose, from tagliatelle to ragù to tagliata.
Asparagus, exceptional ones from Cimadolmo and Bassano.
La “sopa coada” is another of the specialties of Treviso DOC: pigeon pie sometimes served with broth.
It is not easy to find it today, but from Gigetto to Miane it is a security.
Prosecco wines, coming from 100% autochthonous wine cellars, the province of Treviso is the sparkling wine par excellence.
Tiramisu: a dessert famous all over the world, it is an invention of Treviso as pizza is from Naples. Today one of the best you can buy it at the ancient Pasticceria Nascimben in Viale Luzzatti, in Treviso.
An exquisite and natural ice cream  at Gelateria Romana or Leccolandia  in Piazza Duomo, from Dassiè to S. Agostino and in Calmaggiore.